My counselling style is rooted in the Person-Centred Approach.  I start with the belief that, with the right support, we all have the ability to move towards a more fulfilling and satisfying way of being and living our lives.  In the Person-Centred Approach the counsellor trusts the client to find their own answers and direction.

As the counsellor, I am a fellow traveller on your journey, helping you to understand how you interact with the world, helping you develop a greater sense of self-awareness in a safe space.

The essential qualities needed to create this environment are empathy, acceptance and congruence. These core conditions, are at the heart of the Person Centred Approach.

Although my core training is in the Person-Centred Approach, I have an keen interest in other approaches, including mindfulness, ecotherapy and existentialism, which may be helpful for some people.