Counselling for MenMen often find it hard to ask for help.  We're so often told "boys don't cry" or to "pull ourselves together" but often this just isn't enough (or even true).  The truth is that men are just as likely to become anxious or depressed as women.  We are more likely to develop problems with gambling, alcohol and drugs or to consider ending our lives.  Men often isolate themselves or 'lash out' at those around us.

As hard as it can be, talking in a safe, understanding place can be really helpful.  I can work with you to explore your issues in your own time, in a supportive space free from judgement.

I have experience of working with a range of issues including:

Alcohol & Drug Dependency
Problem Gambling
Sex and pornography addiction
Relationship Issues
Personal development
Life changes – including retirement, redundancy, illness
Please contact me to arrange an initial assessment or for more information.